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I definitely agree with the people saying it could be longer, and more control. Possibly something to make the game more challenging would be nice as well.

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I really enjoyed this! There were some parts where it the vocals sounded a bit artificial, but that's not necessarily a bad thing I don't think. Also I know nothing about vocaloid, so there's that.

Overall, great job! I'd love to see a transcription of the lyrics with an English translation if possible!

SynthGoddess responds:

Thanks so much for the review~ vocaloid is a singing software...so sometimes the vocals do sound artificial....cause well...they are. XD This is my first song using her, so as I learn to use her more I will learn how to make her sound more natural. I'll put the lyrics up soon. ^^

Gorgeous blend of styles here, definitely a very unique sound! Vocals are awesome as well. All I can say is great job!

This is a pretty good job for your first dubstep track. I really like your melodies, intro, and outro. I think the "dubstep" part needs some improvement. For one, your drums need some work. Dubstep usually has a syncopated kick drum, not the 4/4 pounding that you have. A snare would be nice as well. Just more complexity in the drums overall. Also your synth that starts at 1:26 goes on for a bit too long in my opinion. Some variety would be nice. Like I said, you have some really great melody stuff in the other parts of the song, and I think incorporating that into the dubstep part would really help bring the song together. I hope this helps, and let me know if you have any questions!

ZhokoMusic responds:

Thanks For the Tips dude! That really helps alot! :.3

Firewall Paradox is the producer alias of Devin Watson. When approaching a black hole, classical physics says you would be pulled apart by the intense gravity, but quantum physics says you would be incinerated. This is known as the "Firewall Paradox".

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